Personalised lessons from the comfort of your own home OR IN OUR ST NEOTS STUDIO

Specialising in contemporary music and musical theatre

Advance your voice and vocal capabilities with private online or 1-to-1 singing lessons.
Coaching for all levels and styles, tailored to suit you.

VOICE Discovery

We will work together to assess your vocal performance, quickly finding your strengths and any problem areas, then determine how you can progress and improve.
We’ll create a plan to help you find your vocal balance.
Vocal exercises can then be specifically designed to suit your voice.

VOCAL Application

During lessons you will work on tailored exercises and vocalises, quickly using your new found skills and applying them to songs.
Learn phrasing and riffs.
Build knowledge in your abilities.
Understand how to get the best sound from your voice.

This video is part of an online vocal coaching session.
It shows how singing lessons via video link can be simple and effective.

Learning online

Online singing lessons are a great way to easily access tuition and improve your singing voice.
Removing travelling times and expenses means high quality coaching is more cost effective.
Book as many or as few lessons as you’d like, when you want them. Flexible learning to suit your schedule.

Great Sound Quality

Private lessons take place via online video platforms, Zoom and Skype. The sound quality through these free-to-use services is superb.
No special equipment required. The 2 way audio through the webcam on your phone, tablet or laptop will usually be perfectly fine to hear all voices.
A good broadband internet connection is required to avoid interruption in connection and buffering.

What you can achieve

  • Improved endurance
  • Extended vocal range
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Enhanced intonation
  • Better flow & mobility through the vocal range
  • Vocal styling improvements
  • A connected vocal sound without breaks in the register transitions
  • Improved confidence
  • Better understanding of your own voice

Services & Techniques

Lessons and exercises can focus on specific areas or goals, or we can work to improve your overall singing.


Exercises specifically designed to help you freely move from chest voice to head and falsetto, giving equilibrium through registers.

Song Application

Learn to apply your new skills within your song choices, learning new tips and tricks.

Audition Prep

Do you have an audition soon? I’ll help you get the best from your song choices.

Ear Training

Improve your ear and musical ability, using exercises to develop a better understanding of what you hear.

Breathing Techniques

Techniques to help airflow and create better phonation and

Audition Preparation

I have sat in and played for so many auditions in musical theatre (West End & touring) and know what Directors, MDs, supervisors & Choreographers will be looking for. I can give you that inside knowledge to help you achieve your goals

So, what can we do?

Source the correct material

  • Finding the appropriate song is an important step in helping you do well in Auditions.
  • What kind of Style or Genre is the show based on?
  • What vocal range is covered by the part you’re auditioning for?
  • What’s the accent or nationality, how does that affect me while singing?
  • Choose something relevant to the part you’re auditioning for to give you the best chance of impressing.

Work through the song

  • It’s important to learn any song choices thoroughly. Listening to a recording of it repeatedly & analysing it before attempting it,
  • Then sing it, find the weak spots and adjust them to build your confidence & let your voice soar.
  • What’s the story of the song?
  • What’s the vocal style?
  • What’s the range and dynamics?
  • What vocal modes will I be using?
  • How does movement affect my singing in my song choice?
  • Do I have to modify my vowels?

I can help you build that confidence, get it into the memory bank and make it feel natural to you, getting rid of the nervous tension to give the best version of you in your audition. I can give you vocal exercises based on the song and range, building your warm up specifically to your song choices. I can create piano tracks for your practice for you to take with you. We’ve got you covered!

Lesson Costs

30 minutes (half hr) – £20
60 minutes (1hr) – £40

Lesson packages available
3x 1hr lessons package – £100 (normally £120)
5x 1hr lessons package – £160 (normally £200)

Piano lessons are carried out in person, 1-to-1 coaching at our St Neots, Cambridgeshire studio.

Learn from an IVA Qualified Singing Tutor

Rich Anderson is a qualified instructor with qualifications from the renowned Institute for Vocal Advancement.